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Anybody Know Anything About These Types #97

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I like to maintain a pretty complete list of types in FluentCassandra, but I have to admit I know nothing about the following types:

If anybody is interested in cutting their teeth on the FluentCassandra type system, the EmptyType seems like it would be relatively easy to implement. Given that it just produces an empty byte array.

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Handling CQL3 collections #96

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LocalByPartitionerType ->beta1/org/apache/cassandra/db/marshal/

According to the comments in the class:

for sorting columns representing row keys in the row ordering as determined by a partitioner. Not intended for user-defined CFs, and will in fact error out if used with such.

EmptyType and ColumnToCollectionType can technically be defined, even though they aren't referenced on the cql_data_types documentation page. e.g.:

ALTER TABLE table ADD empty_col 'EmptyType';
ALTER TABLE table ADD col_test 'ColumnToCollectionType';

And based on peaking around the code, it seems ColumnToCollectionType is used internally to map a column to its proper collection type (map, list, set). But please take this with a grain of salt as I may have missed something.

This leaves InetAddressType -- you can define a column as 'inet' and according to:

inet IP address string in form. See 1).
1) Used by python-cql driver and binary protocols.

I would say it makes sense to implement InetAddressType as it is actually a CQL data type that is listed for use. Just my 2 cents.


I would say EmptyType and InetAddressType are ones we are going to want to implement. I have a feeling that EmptyType has a use in the CompositeType.


Added the two types I was concerned about.

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