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DerekLiang commented Dec 7, 2011

Details in change log.

nberardi and others added some commits Jun 22, 2011

@nberardi nberardi added blog reference application and revereted default connection typ…
…e to framed, since that is the default setup of cassandra
@nberardi nberardi updated sandbox program to auto setup 59e3cf8
@nberardi nberardi upgraded thrift to 0.7.0 and Cassandra API to 1.0.0 d2c23f5
@nberardi nberardi first attempt at a CQL to LINQ provider 0a12d6f
@nberardi nberardi created operation to handle text of CQL, still need to finalize outpu…
…t of operation and merge changes from LINQ provider
@nberardi nberardi LINQ to CQL is in a semi-supported state at this moment 36a65ba
@nberardi nberardi moved provider to cassandra column family object since it made more s…
…ense there
@nberardi nberardi first couple of tests are now working ea8c6b4
@nberardi nberardi removed warnings from tests and other files according to JustCode fb38522
@nberardi nberardi Merge remote-tracking branch 'kellbyte/master' 8dd86bc
@nberardi nberardi added stress test thanks to KellaByte 92fcaad
@nberardi nberardi configuration is an outdated code set that doesn't fit with the goals…
… and style of FluentCassandra anymore.
@nberardi nberardi updated server manager to have a more robust interface for handling b…
…anning of servers.
@nberardi nberardi CQL support is almost in prime time, just need to create a couple tes…
…ts and handle the response from the server, but the CQL is being generated from LINQ currently.
@nberardi nberardi stress test update 5aacaf6
@nberardi nberardi updated sandbox program to be broken up into logical parts 443bb97
@DerekLiang DerekLiang Fixed an error that caused the StressTest Program didn't create any r…
…ecord in the cluster
@DerekLiang DerekLiang forget to check-in changes for previous update 016e435
@DerekLiang DerekLiang 1. allow update rows after retrieving.
2. added update row test case.

nberardi commented Dec 22, 2011

Your changes were accepted.

nberardi closed this Dec 22, 2011


nberardi commented Dec 22, 2011

And thank you for making FluentCassandra better.

nberardi was assigned Oct 18, 2012

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