Actively maintained MudOS descendant driver (LPC interpreter, LPMUD game driver)
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FluffOS is an actively maintained LPMUD driver, based on the last release of MudOS. it includes many bug fixes and codebase modernization.

if your LPMUD previously runs on MudOSv22+, it should run on FluffOS with little modification. if not, let us know and we will make it happen.


Current release, v2017 is being used by many chinese mud in production and will be continue to receive support through out 2019. Supports centOS/ubuntu and under windows using CYGWIN.

Next release, v2019 is being actively developed: cmake support, native build under windows and nodeJS interop underway.

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QQ support Group: 451819151 451819151

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Please checkout official website for now.


I would like to personal thank all the sponsors and contributors for showing their support. All donations are 100% used towards purchasing tools, equipments and hosting cost for website and forum.

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