@thefallentree thefallentree released this Jun 3, 2015 · 179 commits to master since this release

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Significant changes

  1. This release migrated significant part of local_options into runtime config. Adding set_config() efun, allowing changing runtime config. see src/testsuite/etc/config.test For up-to-date list.
  2. Sync thirdparty/libtelnet @ HEAD
  3. fix #251 memory accounting int overflow
  4. Upgrade object ref counter to uint32, This enables large mud , and more call_outs.
  5. Adding runtime config controlled new behavior : Make ed deal with chinese characters. Sprintf ignore ANSI colors.
  6. Make replace_program with function reference a warning instead.
  7. Restore call_out(0) prevention. …
  8. Some work on restore_object() to reduce memory usage etc.

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