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Reminder Me

A simple Python web service to generate RSS feeds for recurring reminders.

Demo site:


Ever need recurring reminders to do simple things, but always forget to do it? Hate trying to deal with various reminder apps, but live in an RSS reader for everything anyway? Reminder Me might be for you!

This simply generates an RSS feed which will remind you to do something after a certain period of time. If you ignore the reminder, it'll keep on reminding you until you say you've done the thing (as long as your feed reader shows images, anyway).

It's good for things that you need to be reminded of when you're otherwise reading your RSS feeds; cleaning the cat box, doing your laundry, watering the plants, that sort of thing. It's perfect for errands which need to happen at a certain rough interval but which don't necessarily need to happen at a specific time of day or week.


You just need the following:

  • An ordinary CGI-enabled directory which serves up .cgi files as CGI scripts (ideally running with suexec)
  • peewee installed (using pip or whatever installation mechanism you prefer)

To install or upgrade, just git clone this, point your DocumentRoot (or equivalent) at the site directory, point your browser at the deployed install.cgi, and then you can start making reminder feeds. That's it!

Note that for security reasons, the database is kept outside of the site directory, and for ease-of-configuration reasons, it uses a relative path, ../data. If you just want to put this in a subdirectory of an existing web share, you'll have to do something like this:

git clone
cd public_html
ln -s ../Reminder-Me/site rm

However, that working depends on whether your web server is configured to follow symlinks. If you get really stuck you can just change the file path in site/ Whatever you do, make sure that reminders.db cannot be read by web browsers - otherwise people can find out your feed GUIDs and do nasty things to you!


A simple Python web service to generate RSS feeds for recurring reminders




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