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fluffy @ Global Game Jam 2017

About me

I used to be a software engineer (primarily graphics) working in interactive media, but I have quit my job to work on music, art, and indie game dev full-time.

I have a "band" called Sockpuppet, which is really just me pretending to be a bunch of people (thus the name). I also have a portfolio of audio works, and a personal site (mostly comics and photography).

You can hear my prior gamejam works over on my bandcamp; Off The Cusp and the ...Or Die Trying OST are both the products of weekend-long game jams, Novembeat was a song-a-day project, and several of the songs off of Refactor started as Global Game Jam tracks.

A lot of my content is also Creative Commons-licensed; for the most part I use ccMixter to manage that content.

What I'm doing in GGJ 2017

Just as I did for GGJ 2016, I would like to make music and sfx for as many games as I am able to. All the music I am making for this jam is being posted to this github repo. You can also listen/download directly at

If you would like to request me to make a work for your project, please open an issue and tell me the following:

  1. The name of your game
  2. A link to the game's team page
  3. A brief description of the game and what sort of music you want (if you have a specific thing in mind)
  4. Any special requests (file format, separate layers for interactive mix, etc.)

As I start working on a project I will assign the issue to myself and hopefully keep you posted, and we can use the issue itself as a means of communicating on things. If it's definitely not something I can handle I'll resolve the issue WONTFIX. I will push the actual audio into this repository.

Specific requests will go into the requests/ directory. I will also have a directory of generally-available stuff, general/, which is a free for all (stuff that I'm just making for the heck of it to fill in time between requests, and I'll probably dig up some old unused stuff that might be good for games as well).

What to expect

I will do my best to make music that is good enough for a game jam game. :)

In return I expect the following, in addition to the Global Game Jam code of conduct:

  • Content in requests/:
    • The requester may use the music as part of their GGJ package as long as I receive a credit on the game.
    • Others may use the music as well as long as they contact the original requesting team for permission first.
  • Content in general/:
    • Anyone may use the music as part of their GGJ package as long as I receive a credit on the game.

Credit requirements

Beyond Global Game Jam

All music published here is available under Creative Commons BY-NC. For commercially-available games, please get in touch with me to discuss licensing.

Also, please keep me in mind if you ever have an indie game that you want music and/or sounds for!

Contacting me