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One click ninja

A game for the game jam "1-Button Jam 2021" written in Rust with the Bevy engine.

Game logo with a mage casting spells

Screenshot of the game

A rhythm game, where you play a soldier that can defend or use one of three attacks per turn against three kinds of enemies, vulnerable only to certain attacks.

You must press the space bar when the action spinner on the left points at one of the options.

Running the game

First time you run, you need to run bin/bootstrap.

For native development run bin/run-dev.

For web development run bin/run-wasm.

To deploy, run bin/build-wasm to build target/, and then run bin/push-wasm to upload target/ to using butler. To install butler see's documentation.


The game on, where you can play the web build:


Programming by Alex Helfet and Daniel Benjamin

Art by David Dawn and from

Music by David Dawn and HYPERMUSIC


Licensed under the MIT license, see LICENSE