A CS:GO Surftimer which is heavily modified from ckSurf
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SurfTimer v2.2 CS:GO

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This is a CS:GO timer which is heavily modified from ckSurf, the original developer (Jonitaikaponi) has quit working on it, I decided to use this as an opportunity to learn SourcePawn, I didn't want to release this yet as a lot of things are hard coded and very messy, but events occurred and well, here it is.

Keep in mind this is my own version of ckSurf, a lot of things are hard coded so perhaps you should look to Nikos or Marcos fork of ckSurf instead.


  • Sourcemod 1.8
  • MySQL (SQLite may work but is not supported by me)
  • DHooks (Included)

The following dependencies are required for the discord functionality, I will make these things optional in the future, sorry:


  • Upload all the files to your csgo server directory
  • Add a MySQL database called surftimer to csgo/addons/sourcemod/configs/databases.cfg


If you wish to upgrade from a different fork of cksurf you may run the upgrade sql files located in optional/upgrading/, this will convert your database schema to this timer, so make sure you backup first!

  • Import the ck_zones.sql file if you want to use my pre-made zones
  • Import the ck_maptier.sql file if you want to use my pre-made tiers


  • I have uploaded my stripper files here I have temporarily deleted this repo as I'm restarting my community, don't want the competiton to copy my server! Feel free to PM me for a download link though.

Other Plugins



  • I've made a discord so it's easier to discuss changes/additions rather than having to use GitHub issues https://discord.gg/MmuRW4k


  • Jonitaikaponi - Original ckSurf creator
  • nikooo777 - ckSurf 1.19 Fork
  • fluffys
  • Jakeey802
  • Grandpa Goose