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@zkqiang zkqiang released this Feb 15, 2020 · 21 commits to master since this release

🔧 配置变更

  • _config.yml: banner_scroll 更名为 banner_parallax
  • _static_prefix.yml: smooth_scroll 的默认目录由 /lib/smooth-scroll 更改为 /lib/smoothscroll


  • 简单的友情链接页 /links

🎨 优化

  • 重写头图滚动视差效果(新增配置项 banner_parallax,原 banner_scroll 弃用)
  • 优化首页文章列表布局,摘要减少为 3 行

🐛 修复

  • 修复 Issues 提出的一些 BUG

🔧 Configuration

  • _config.yml: banner_scroll is now called banner_parallax
  • _static_prefix.yml: the default path for smooth_scroll is changed from /lib/smooth-scroll to /lib/smoothscroll


  • Simple friend links page /links

🎨 Improved

  • Refactoring banner parallax (with new config banner_parallax, remove banner_scroll)
  • Improved the layout of post list in the index page, reduce the excerpt to 3 lines

🐛 Fixed

  • Fixed some bug from issues
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