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Code repository for the pair programming community meeting
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Repo for Fluid Community Meeting on Pair Programming

Relevant Files in This Repo

  • a Browsersync script to launch a server on port 3002, watch the file system for changes and reload the page if changes are detected (saves a lot of CTRL-R).

  • index.html: basic page that currently just embeds a map.

  • src/js/leaflet-infusion.js: a basic Infusion component that we'll build on. Uses the Leaflet mapping library and CARTO Basemaps Service.

  • src/css/leaflet-infusion.css: starter CSS file

  • src/json/ocadBuildings.json: a JSON data file containing the longitude and latitude of buildings on the OCAD campus. Some of them also contain building boundaries expressed as arrays of latitude/longitude points. Information taken from the map at

The Programming Task

We're going to be working on building an interactive web-based campus building map of the OCAD campus. The "feature list" in rough priority is:

  • the map should be centered on 100 McCaul St. to start.
  • the map should have a point for each OCAD building.
  • the points should show the address as an information bubble when clicked on.
  • there should be a building index in a sidebar that pans the map to the appropriate building.
  • if a building has boundary information, a coloured shape should be drawn around it on the map rather than a simple point.


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