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  • Fix Japanese, Korean, Chinese text line breaking in vertical captions
  • Fix BCP-47 language string parsing
  • Enable WebVTT inline style support (already parsed, but ignored by renderer)
  • 50% - addCue complete Implement addCue and removeCue events properly for TextTrack objects
  • DONE! API Reference Docs
  • DONE! Allow dynamic re-enabling and disabling of subtitles (possibly through the Multitrack API - below)
  • DONE! Test with proper WebVTT files & confirm support for them
  • DONE! Formalise and document options argument
  • DONE! Ensure non-breakingness in old browsers (i.e. won't work - but won't cause script errors either)
  • DONE! The W3C or the WHATWG haven't really been clear on the track element's kind property. Determine an appropriate behaviour for it.
  • DONE! Test with more than one video on a page (it should already work - ...or does it?)
  • DONE! Positional collision detection for subtitles, preventing overlaps. How this should be implemented is a bit of a debate.
  • DONE! Enable use of external renderer
  • DONE! Fix oncuechange event firing

Big Stuff

  • Include QUnit test framework & tests file
  • Externalise & modularise parser, enabling import of alternate parsers into captionator core
    • Write a parser for TTML
    • 50% Write a parser for LRC
  • Implement animation options
  • DONE! WebVTT Support! (Just compatibility checking to do now!)
  • DONE! Include compatibility with the in-development JS TimedTextTrack API described by this WHATWG Document.
  • DONE! Respect extra cue settings as described by WebVTT (currently Captionator reads in, but ignores, most of the cue settings.)


  • FIXED Something's up in firefox: Firefox error 'setting a property that only has a getter' when calling Array.prototype.slice
  • FIXED Script inefficiently reapplies subtitle data with every event call (not by design)
  • FIXED A bug where captions (which had not yet been downloaded and parsed) were not being rebuilt when the video was paused
  • FIXED (Google chrome) fails to apply subtitles properly starting in v.10, despite the changes being reflected in the DOM