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jobara commented May 2, 2013

I've updated the build site in the following ways:

  • Added a README.txt
  • Corrected in the information in the footer
  • Removed dead links
  • Added missing links
  • Restructured the layout of the content
  • Removed the manual-tests.html and moved the links to index.html
  • Provided a index.html with a custom build of Infusion to source the FSS style sheets from, rather than relying on the built versions for these.


The remaining task for this issue will be to have the server automatically update from the master branch of this repo.

jobara added some commits May 1, 2013
@jobara jobara FLUID-5004: Removed unit-test file
The unit-test page is not used anymore as it has been replaced by the all-test.html in the Infusion package.
@jobara jobara FLUID-5004: Fixed formatting of html files. fa5ca24
@jobara jobara FLUID-5004: Removed some unneeded meta tags. 5f4ebaa
@jobara jobara FLUID-5004: removed the manual test page
Removed the manual test page and brought all of the links to the main index page. Will need to reorganize the index.html page.
@jobara jobara FLUID-5004: Fixed the footer
The link to the logo in the footer was wrong. Also the information was out of date.
@jobara jobara FLUID-5004: removed broken links
Removed old links to pages that do not exist anymore.
@jobara jobara FLUID-5004: restructured index.html
Modified the layout of the index.html page.
@jobara jobara FLUID-5004: Changed to html5 doctype 3d3553f
@jobara jobara FLUID-5004: Added a readme file. c46f90e
@jobara jobara FLUID-5004: added Infusion
Using a static version of Infusion for the the index.html page. Updated the css references to reflect this change.
@jobara jobara FLUID-5004: Added a section for experimentations
Added a section to contain links to our experimental demos. E.g. things we come up with as proofs of concepts.
@jobara jobara FLUID-5004: Fixed typo in README 87b9687
@michelled michelled merged commit 87b9687 into fluid-project:master May 3, 2013

Merged into project repo at 2e50583

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