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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- default goal for the project builds and installs the war in the local repository -->
<project default="full" xmlns:j="jelly:core"
<!-- the common "full" goal invokes the default goal. Used in maven -Dgoal=full multiproject:goal from .. -->
<goal name="full">
<!--attainGoal name="dependencies" /-->
<attainGoal name="war:install" />
<!-- Override jar:install goal to compose "partial WAR" strategy -->
<goal name="jar:install">
<attainGoal name="war:install"/>
<!-- This standard stanza is required for any webapps participating in the
"partial WAR" build strategy -->
<preGoal name="war:resources">
<echo>Expanding webapp dependencies</echo>
<mkdir dir="${maven.war.webapp.dir}" />
<j:forEach var="lib" items="${pom.artifacts}">
<j:set var="dep" value="${lib.dependency}" />
<j:if test="${dep.getProperty('explode') == 'true'}">
<j:if test="${dep.type =='war'}">
<unjar src="${lib.path}" dest="${maven.war.webapp.dir}" />
<!-- Do not deploy for now, will be folded into each deployed user
<goal name="deploy" prereqs="war:install">
<maven:property defaultValue="${pom.artifactId}" var="webappName"
name="deploy.webappname" />
<j:set var="destination"
value="${maven.tomcat.home}/webapps/${webappName}" />
<delete dir="${destination}"/>
<echo>Copying ${}/${} to ${destination}.war</echo>
<copy file="${}/${}"
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