FLUID-5217: Restructuring Infusion folder hierarchy #444

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acheetham commented Dec 3, 2013

demos and tests moved out to be siblings of src
build scripts updated

acheetham added some commits Nov 21, 2013

@acheetham acheetham FLUID-5217: First pass at moving the showcase demos. Still need to cl…
…ean up some header paths
@acheetham acheetham Merge branch 'master' into FLUID-5217 3b403d9
@acheetham acheetham FLUID-5217: Fix uiOptions demo to specify correct path to templates a…
…nd messages
@acheetham acheetham FLUID-5217: Update demo portal files 4a7d10b
@acheetham acheetham FLUID-5217: Moved tests folder - headers not yet updated! 1e62ac1
@acheetham acheetham FLUID-5217: Updated necessary paths in moved tests folder 8110b2f
@acheetham acheetham Merge branch 'master' into FLUID-5217
@acheetham acheetham FLUID-5217: Add new markup to prefs framework Builder test html. 583c5f0
@acheetham acheetham FLUID-5217: Add missing jqUnit-browser.js file to prefs framework Bui…
…lder test file.
@acheetham acheetham FLUID-5217: Fix CSSGenerator test paths to buid-scripts folder 5ba60e4
@acheetham acheetham FLUID-5217: Move standalone demos into new demos structore; heads re-…
@acheetham acheetham FLUID-5217: Removing wayward test files still in old location 212d6c5
@acheetham acheetham Merge branch 'master' into FLUID-5217 aa67ded
@acheetham acheetham FLUID-5217: Add demos and tests paths to properties 1aa4463
@acheetham acheetham FLUID-5217: Update build script paths to copy demos and tests, and co…
…py source into a src folder in assembled
@acheetham acheetham FLUID-5217: Fix relative path in uploader demo d5f02d5
@acheetham acheetham FLUID-5217: Update paths in the manual-tests 161c54c
@acheetham acheetham FLUID-5217: Fix to 3rd-party test a064838

acheetham commented Apr 1, 2014

We have decided that we will re-do this work closer to release, after other changes to the code have been merged into master.

acheetham closed this Apr 1, 2014

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