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Infusion combines JavaScript, CSS, HTML and user-centered design, rolling them all into a single package that sits on top of the popular jQuery toolkit. Infusion includes ready-to-use components as well as a framework to build your own.

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Fluid Infusion 0.6
Main Project Site:
User Manual:

What's New in 0.6

This release includes

    * Completely Refactored Uploader
    * Two new flavours of Inline Edit: Dropdown and Rich Text
    * Updated Pager component
    * Sneak Peek of our new component: User Interface Options
    * Preview of the Fluid Skinning System
    * Many bug fixes

What's in this Release

This release is available in two forms: - deployment bundle - source code bundle
Both bundles have the following organization:

The deployment bundle also includes a WAR file suitable for deployment in Java-based containers: 

Source Code
The full source code for the Fluid component library, including JavaScript, HTML templates and CSS:

Both bundles also include a single JavaScript file, fluid-components/js/Fluid-all.js, that is a
combination of all other source files. This script is compressed and suitable for production use.
Developers can include this single file in their pages to provide all the necessary support for the 
Fluid component Library.

In the deployment bundle, the JavaScript source has been minified: comments and whitespace
have been removed. Developers wishing to learn about the Fluid code, or debug their applications,
should use the source code bundle.

Sample Code
Sample code illustrating how Fluid components can be used:


Fluid code is licensed under a dual ECL 2.0 / BSD license. The specific licenses can be found
in the license file:

Fluid also depends upon some third party open source modules. These are contained in their own folders 
with their respective licenses inside the fluid source code.

Third Party Software in Fluid
This is a list of publicly available software that is included in the Fluid bundle, along with their licensing terms.

	* jQuery javascript library: (MIT and GPL licensed
	* jQuery UI javascript widget library: (MIT and GPL licensed
	* jQuery QUnit testrunner: (MIT and GPL licensed
	* CSS styling reset from YUI: (BSD licensed
	* jARIA, the jQuery ARIA plugin: (MIT and GPL licensed
    * Douglas Crockford's JSON parsing and stringifying methods: (Public Domain)
    * SWFUpload: (MIT licensed
    * XML for Script's Fast Pull Parser (LGPL licensed
    * Sample markup and stylesheets from Sakai ( and uPortal (

This file.


The Fluid Project uses a wiki for documentation and project collaboration:

The User Manual for Fluid releases consists of a number of information pages stored in the Fluid Wiki.
The pages fall into a number of categories, including tutorials, API descriptions, testing procedures,
and data-gathering approaches. To make the manual pages easy to locate, identify, and peruse,
we have set up the following aids to navigation:

    * An organized Table of Contents is provided for the reader, with links to
      all manual pages, each with a brief description of the page contents.
    * A link to the Table of Contents appears at the top of the left-side wiki navigation
      bar with the name "User Manual". This makes it easy to return to the Table of
      Contents from anywhere in the wiki hierarchical structure.

Supported Browsers
Firefox 2.x, 3.x: full support
Internet Explorer 6.x, 7.x: full support
Safari 3.1, Opera 9.5: full support (except keyboard interaction, which is not supported by these browsers)

Known Issues

The Fluid Project uses a JIRA website to track bugs:
Some of the known issues in this release are described here:

  For information related to known issues related to Flash 10 compatibility, see
    FLUID-2032 Cannot Tab to the 'Browse More" button with Flash 10, using FF2
    FLUID-2021 Cannot upload files with the keyboard: Using FF
    FLUID-1983 Uploader not working with flash 9: using IE

Inline Edit: 
    FLUID-2017 Cannot click on links in a rich text inline edit field because it changes into edit mode.
    FLUID-2024 Undo/Redo links set scroll to top
    FLUID-1600 Pressing the "Tab" key to exit edit mode, places focus on the wrong item

    FLUID-954 Page won't scroll during DnD, using Opera
    FLUID-148 Edge case: visual position of drop target when droppable is at beginning or end of a row
    FLUID-118 Dragging an image offscreen or out of the frame has some unexpected results.

Layout Reorderer: 
    FLUID-1540 Can't use keyboard reordering to move a nested reorderer to the right column, using IE6
    FLUID-858 Portlet Columns load with no padding between them in IE7

UI Options: 
    FLUID-1998 The font spacing, on the "Save and apply your preferences" button, does not change
    FLUID-1997 Preview window displayed to the right of the options in simple layout instead of below: Using IE
    FLUID-1986 Font size only changes in the preview

    FLUID-835 Pager links are not in the tab order, using Opera 9.5

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