Components for automatic generation, authoring, and refinement of accessibility metadata
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Floe/Cloud4All Metadata Components

The Floe/Cloud4All metadata components provide web-based tools for automatically generating and refining accessibility metadata about content. These components are designed to be integrated into a variety of web-based content authoring tools.

We believe that accessibility should be a built-in, automatic part of the authoring process, not an afterthought. To that end, we are creating tools that can be incorporated into any content authoring system and built in to the authoring process.

The metadata format supported by these components is based on the accessibility specification, which in turn is driven by the AccessForAll "one size fits one" approach to accessibility pioneered by the Inclusive Design Research Centre at OCAD University.

This repository contains a demonstration authoring tool that shows how the components can be used to help support authors in the creating web content that is more accessible to a broad range of users.

These components were built using the Fluid Infusion framework and are part of the Floe and Cloud4All projects, dedicated to delivering personalized accessibility infrastructure for open educational resources and beyond.