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Fluidkeys command line

Build Status

Fluidkeys helps teams protect themselves with strong encryption. It builds on the OpenPGP standard and is compatible with other OpenPGP software.

Fluidkeys is licensed under the AGPLv3.

0.2 helps you create a key or import one from gpg, then automatically maintain it.

Once installed, run it with fk.


Head over to

Install from source

You'll need the Go compiler

Clone the repo:

REPODIR=$(go env GOPATH)/src/

git clone $REPODIR

Build and install to /usr/local/bin/fk:

make && sudo make install

If you prefer to run without sudo (root), install into $HOME/bin/fk:

PREFIX=$HOME make install


If you want to hack on Fluidkeys locally you'll need Go 1.10+ and dep.


make run