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IFF 2019 Program iCal feed

This is an iCal feed of the Internet Freedom Festival 2019 program of sessions

You can add the iCal feed URL to your calendar (e.g. Google Calendar, iPhone calendar) then all the events will show up as a separate calendar.

iCal feed URL:

Google Calendar

  • Open Google Calendar on the desktop.
  • On the left, above My calendars click the 3 dots next to Add calendar, then select From URL

Screenshot: select Add Calendar then From URL

In the box URL of calendar paste this URL: and click Add calendar

Don't tick the checkbox.

Screenshot: showing a URL text box

Go back to your calendar. On the left, under Other calendars you should see the 'IFF 2019 events program'.

Screenshot: calendar list showing IFF 2019 events programL

iPhone calendar

  • Open 'Settings' on the iPhone.
  • Scroll down to find 'Passwords & Accounts' and tap it.
  • Tap 'Add account'

Screenshot: select 'Passwords & Accounts' then 'Add Account'

  • Tap 'Other' from the list of accounts.
  • Tap 'Add Subscribed Calendar'

Screenshot: select 'Other' then 'Add Subscribed Calendar'

  • In the field for Server type
  • Tap 'Next' and you should see it populate the Description.
  • Tap 'Save' in the top right

Screenshot: type '' into Server, then tap 'Done'

  • Go back to your home screen and open 'Calendar'
  • You should now see the IFF events showing as a seperate Calendar:

Screenshot: IFF 2019 events showing in Calendar on an iPhone

Later, to delete the calender, go to 'Passwords & Accounts', tap the 'Subscribed Calendars', select 'IFF 2019 events program' then at the bottom tap 'Delete Account'

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