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Welcome to FlumeBase!
* *
* This software is no longer maintained. The code is *
* left available in the hopes that someone finds this *
* useful, but no support or future maintenance is planned *
* by the original author. You are free to take this code *
* and use it as you wish, but no updates will be provided. *
* *
This system allows continuous and ad-hoc analysis of streaming event
data delivered by Flume.
FlumeBase will easily connect to existing Flume sources and allows
users to write SQL-based queries over these streaming data sets.
* *
* FlumeBase is an EXPERIMENTAL system! This is in no way ok *
* for production use. Use this AT YOUR OWN RISK. Connecting *
* this system to production Flume nodes may result in data *
* loss, misconfiguration, or other serious problems. *
* *
More documentation (in particular, a user guide explaining how to
configure FlumeBase, and the rtsql language) is available in the docs/
See the COMPILING.txt file for information on how to compile FlumeBase
from source. FlumeBase is licensed to you under the terms of the
Apache Software License version 2.0. See the LICENSE.txt and
NOTICE.txt files for more specific information about this license.
The development home is at
See this site for the most recent source code, wiki, and other
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