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FlumeBase Release notes
v0.2.0 (6/2011);
Expanded query language:
* Adds HAVING clauses to SELECT statements.
Improved data access:
* Adds #attr syntax to access attributes of events
* Adds functions to access event properties such as host() and priority().
* Adds EVENT FORMAT 'regex'; event bodies can now be parsed according to a
regular expression.
More data types:
* Adds LIST<t> complex data type and functions to manipulate lists.
* Adds PRECISE(n) data type for precise numeric operations.
* Adds BINARY type for byte-oriented data.
Better configuration and server management:
* Now supports multiple client instances on the same machine.
* FlumeBase server can now be started in the background via scripts.
('bin/flumebase start' and 'bin/flumebase stop')
* Environment configuration is now performed in etc/
* FlumeBase server now correctly disconnects from Flume streams when
shut down via ^C, 'kill', or other unexpected means.
* Adds support for varargs functions.
* Improved some error messages associated with CREATE STREAM.
* "bin/flumebase classpath" gives the runtime classpath for FlumeBase.
* Add '-debug' flag to provide improved logging under error conditions.
* Several under-the-hood improvements to data handling, type resolution,
improved test coverage, compilation checks.
v0.1.0 (4/2011):
* Initial release.