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gitstats is a statistics generator for git repositories. It is mostly intended for developers, as a way to check some development statistics for a project.

Currently it produces only HTML output with tables and graphs.


  • Python (>= 2.7.3) (python3 is not supported)
  • Git (>=
  • jinja2 (>= 2.7)
  • a git repository (bare clone will work as well)

The above versions are not absolute requirements; older versions may work also.


gitstats does not currently need to be installed; it's used right from the directory (it also assumes some files like the stylesheet are in .)

Suppose you have a git project at /mnt/src/git/project and you want to save the statistics to ~/public_html/project

You would run:

$ ./git-stats /mnt/src/git/project ~/public_html/project

or with git-stats executable in your PATH:

$ git stats /mnt/src/git/project ~/public_html/project

(go grab a cup of coffee if it's a large project :)

$ open ~/public_html/project/index.html


  • Lots of memory and fast disk for large projects


Patches should be sent under "GPLv2 or older" license - this will allow upgrading to newer GPL versions if they are sensible.

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