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For lack of better place,
I will post some compiled files here for now.


Version: 0.12.2 [ BAD ] Changes:

  • ** Messed up the network **
  • More hardcoded seeds
  • Added domain for flurbo-seeder
  • Changed port to rpcport=8912, port=8913

If you haven't updated yet, please don't
there may be some downtime, for the time being, i am trying as hard as i can to rectify this situation.

The Version 0.12.1 has more blocks mined on but downloading / running probably won't connect to any hardcoded nodes atm, but if you know peers that are running 0.12.1 you can get there IP and add it to connect to them.

Ill post updates here, bitcointalk thread, discord and twitter.

Update links:

Currently haven't fully got Gitian signing worked out so files are not currently signed.

Android Wallet

Available on Play Store! search 'flurbo'

Windows Installs

These files are an older version: 0.12.1

64 bit

32 bit

Linux Tar ball

These files are an older version: 0.12.1

64 bit

32 bit


Actually having issues compiling till contact someone with macOSX..
Coming soon..

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