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Developer Hub


Welcome to the Fluree Developer Hub. Here, you'll be able to find download links for Fluree, example applications you can launch in under five minutes, and all of the tools, connectors, and extensions that Fluree releases.
​ If you are new to Fluree and prefer a more gentle introduction to our product, please visit our documentation, as well as our lessons and videos. ​


​ To run Fluree or any of the examples, you must have Java 11 or higher installed. ​

Fluree Download

​ Download the latest stable version of Fluree. Download the latest version of Fluree. ​


​ These lightweight examples showcase various Fluree features. If an example is listed as having a Packet Included, that means there is a prepackaged Fluree server with data that you can download. These examples are designed for you to get your hands dirty in five minutes or less.

Application Features Demonstrated Technologies Packet Included
Query Peers & Load Balancing stateless databases, auto-scaling, cloud native AWS CDK, NodeJS yes
Supply Chain smart functions React yes
Full Text full-text search React yes
Zero Knowledge Proofs zero-knowledge proofs, data immutability and traceability React yes
Credentials Demo validating credentials React no
Authority Demo authority React no
Parts Tracking analytical queries React no
Comic Store password authentication api React no
MDM / IAM Demo smart functions, identity management, rules/roles, password authentication api React no
To-do List Generator Schema and Sample data creation, Queries and Transactions React no
Version-2 List Generator: Auth and Permissions Schema and Sample data, signed Queries and Transactions, smart functions, identity management, JS crypto-utils React no

Connectors and Other Tools


A repository showcasing Fluree-backed demos






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