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(ns flurfunk.web.core
(:require [flurfunk.web.client :as client]
[flurfunk.web.dom-helpers :as dom]
[goog.dom.classes :as classes]
[ :as events]
[goog.fx.dom :as fx-dom]
[goog.string :as string]
[ :as style]
[ :as Cookies]
[goog.ui.Button :as Button]))
(def ^{:private true} title "Flurfunk")
(def ^{:private true} message-load-limit 20)
(def ^{:private true} last-fetched nil)
(def ^{:private true} first-fetched nil)
(def ^{:private true} active true)
(def ^{:private true} unread-messages 0)
(def ^{:private true} mobile? js/flurfunkMobile)
(defn- create-dom []
(dom/build [:div#content
[:a {:href ""} title]]
[:label "Your name:"]
[:input#author-name-input {:type "text"}]]
[:button#send-button "Send message"]
[:label "Hidden channels:"]
[:button#load-more-button "Load more messages"]]))
(defn- leading-zero [number]
(str (if (< number 10) "0") number))
(defn- format-timestamp [timestamp]
(let [date (js/Date. timestamp)]
(str (.getFullYear date) "-"
(leading-zero (+ (.getMonth date) 1)) "-"
(leading-zero (.getDate date)) " "
(leading-zero (.getHours date)) ":"
(leading-zero (.getMinutes date)))))
(defn- map-str [f coll]
(apply str (map f coll)))
(defn- replace-all
([string from to]
(.replace string (js/RegExp. from "g") to))
([string replacements]
(reduce (fn [string [from to]]
(replace-all string from to)) string replacements)))
(defn- escape-html [string]
(replace-all string [["&" "&amp;"]
["\"" "&quot;"]
["'" "&#39;"]
["<" "&lt;"]
[">" "&gt;"]]))
(defn- format-message-text [text]
(let [text (escape-html text)
text (string/trim text)
text (replace-all text "(https?://\\S*)"
"<a href='$1' target='_blank'>$1</a>")
text (replace-all text "(@[^\\s:]+)" "<span class='mention'>$1</span>")
paragraphs (vec (.split text "\n\n"))
text (map-str #(str "<p>" % "</p>") paragraphs)]
(dom/html (replace-all text "\n" "<br/>"))))
(defn- get-channel-element
(let [elements (dom/query-elements "#hidden-channel-list li")]
(first (filter #(= (dom/get-text %) channel) elements))))
(defn- has-channel
[message channel]
(let [children (dom/get-children message)
channels-element (first
(filter #(= (.-className %) "channels") children))
channels (map #(dom/get-text %) (dom/get-children channels-element))]
(some #(= % channel) channels)))
(defn- find-messages-by-channel
(let [all-messages (dom/query-elements "#message-list>*")]
(filter #(has-channel % channel) all-messages)))
(defn- show-hidden-channels
(style/setStyle (dom/get-element :hidden-channels)
"display" (if show? "block" "none")))
(defn- show-channel-messages
[channel show?]
(doseq [message (find-messages-by-channel channel)]
(style/showElement message show?)))
(defn- show-channel
(let [hidden-channel-list (dom/get-element :hidden-channel-list)
channel-element (get-channel-element channel)]
(.removeChild hidden-channel-list channel-element)
(if (empty? (dom/get-children hidden-channel-list))
(show-hidden-channels false)))
(show-channel-messages channel true))
(defn- channel-hidden?
(not (nil? (get-channel-element channel))))
(defn- hide-channel
[channel hidden-channel-list]
(when (not (channel-hidden? channel))
(dom/insert-at hidden-channel-list
(dom/element "li"
{:onclick #(show-channel channel)} channel))
(show-hidden-channels true)
(show-channel-messages channel false)))
(defn- create-channel-element
(let [hidden-channel-list (dom/get-element :hidden-channel-list)]
(dom/element "li"
{:onclick #(hide-channel channel hidden-channel-list)}
(defn- message-hidden?
(every? channel-hidden? (:channels message)))
(defn- create-message-element
(create-message-element message false))
([message first-unread]
(let [channels (:channels message)
element (dom/build
[:div {:id (str "message-" (:id message))
:class (if first-unread "first-unread")}
[ (:author message)]
[:span.timestamp (format-timestamp (:timestamp message))]
[:div.text (format-message-text (:text message))]
(vec (cons :ul.channels
(map create-channel-element channels)))])]
(if (message-hidden? message)
(style/showElement element false))
(defn- prepend-message
([message-list message flags]
(let [message-element (create-message-element
message (contains? flags :first-unread))]
(dom/insert-at message-list message-element 0)
(if (and (style/isElementShown message-element)
(contains? flags :animate))
(.play (fx-dom/ResizeHeight.
message-element 0
(- (.-offsetHeight message-element) 10)
(defn- prepend-messages
([message-list messages]
(prepend-messages messages messages))
([message-list messages visible-messages]
(let [reversed-messages (reverse messages)
first-unread (and (not active) (= unread-messages 0))
flags (conj #{} (if (and (not mobile?)
(= (count visible-messages) 1))
(when first-unread
(doseq [unread-message-div
(dom/query-elements "div#message-list>*.first-unread")]
(classes/remove unread-message-div "first-unread")))
(doseq [message reversed-messages]
(prepend-message message-list message
(if (and first-unread
(= message (last visible-messages)))
(conj flags :first-unread)
(defn- update-title []
(set! (.-title js/document) (str (if (> unread-messages 0)
(str "(" unread-messages ") "))
(defn- fade-waiting-indication [fade-in]
(let [waiting-indication (dom/get-element :waiting-indication)
is-shown (style/isElementShown waiting-indication)]
(if (or (and fade-in (not is-shown))
(and (not fade-in) is-shown))
(.play (new (if fade-in fx-dom/FadeInAndShow fx-dom/FadeOutAndHide)
waiting-indication 500)))))
(defn- show-waiting-indication
([] (show-waiting-indication true))
([show] (let [waiting-indication (dom/get-element :waiting-indication)
is-shown (style/isElementShown waiting-indication)]
(if (or (and show (not is-shown))
(and (not show) is-shown))
(.play (new (if show fx-dom/FadeInAndShow fx-dom/FadeOutAndHide)
waiting-indication 500))))))
(defn- hide-waiting-indication []
(show-waiting-indication false))
(defn- update-message-list [message-list]
(let [waiting (atom true)
callback (fn [messages]
(let [message-count (count messages)
visible-messages (filter #(not (message-hidden? %))
(if (> message-count 0)
(let [latest-timestamp (:timestamp (first messages))]
(when (nil? last-fetched)
(def first-fetched (:timestamp (last messages))))
(when (or (nil? last-fetched)
(> latest-timestamp last-fetched))
(def last-fetched latest-timestamp)
(prepend-messages message-list messages
(when (not active)
(def unread-messages (+ unread-messages
(count visible-messages)))
(compare-and-set! waiting true false)))]
(js/setTimeout (fn [] (if @waiting (show-waiting-indication))) 500)
(if (nil? last-fetched)
(client/get-messages callback {:count message-load-limit})
(client/get-messages callback {:since last-fetched}))))
(defn- animate-element-height [element new-height]
(.play (fx-dom/ResizeHeight. element (.-offsetHeight element) new-height
(defn- begin-composing [message-textarea]
(if (not mobile?)
(animate-element-height message-textarea 90)))
(defn- end-composing [message-textarea]
(if (not mobile?)
(animate-element-height message-textarea 30)))
(defn- send-message [message-list send-button]
(let [message-textarea (dom/get-element :message-textarea)
escaped-text (escape-html (.-value message-textarea))]
(.setEnabled send-button false)
{:author (.-value (dom/get-element :author-name-input))
:text escaped-text
:channels ["users"]}
(fn []
(set! (.-value message-textarea) "")
(end-composing message-textarea)
(update-message-list message-list)))))
(defn- append-messages [message-list messages]
(apply dom/append
(cons message-list
(map #(create-message-element %) messages))))
(defn- load-more-messages [message-list load-more-button]
(.setEnabled load-more-button false)
(fn [messages]
(when (> (count messages) 0)
(def first-fetched (:timestamp (last messages)))
(append-messages message-list messages))
(.setEnabled load-more-button true))
{:before first-fetched :count message-load-limit}))
(defn- update-send-button [send-button]
(let [author (string/trim (.-value (dom/get-element :author-name-input)))
text (string/trim (.-value (dom/get-element :message-textarea)))]
(.setEnabled send-button (not (or (empty? author)
(empty? text))))))
(defn- set-author-cookie [author]
(let [cookies ( js/document)
current-time (.getTime (js/Date.))
expiry-time (+ current-time (* 365 (* 24 (* 60 (* 1000 60)))))]
(.set cookies "author" author expiry-time)))
(defn- get-author-cookie []
(let [cookies ( js/document)]
(.get cookies "author")))
(defn- prepare-elements [author-name-input message-textarea send-button
message-list load-more-button]
(let [send-button-widget (goog.ui/Button.)
load-more-button-widget (goog.ui/Button.)]
(.decorate send-button-widget send-button)
(.setEnabled send-button-widget false)
(.decorate load-more-button-widget load-more-button)
(events/listen send-button-widget goog.ui.Component/EventType.ACTION
#(send-message message-list send-button-widget))
(events/listen load-more-button-widget goog.ui.Component/EventType.ACTION
#(load-more-messages message-list load-more-button-widget))
(events/listen author-name-input
(fn [e]
(set-author-cookie (.-value author-name-input))
(update-send-button send-button-widget)))
(events/listen message-textarea
#(update-send-button send-button-widget))
(events/listen message-textarea
#(begin-composing message-textarea))
(events/listen message-textarea
(fn [e]
(if (empty? (.-value message-textarea))
(end-composing message-textarea))))))
(defn -main []
(dom/append document.body (create-dom))
(let [author-name-input (dom/get-element :author-name-input)
message-textarea (dom/get-element :message-textarea)
send-button (dom/get-element :send-button)
message-list (dom/get-element :message-list)
load-more-button (dom/get-element :load-more-button)]
(prepare-elements author-name-input message-textarea send-button
message-list load-more-button)
(if-let [author (get-author-cookie)]
(set! (.-value author-name-input) author))
(if (empty? (.-value author-name-input))
(.focus author-name-input))
(js/setInterval #(update-message-list message-list) 1000)
(update-message-list message-list)
(set! (.-onfocus js/window) (fn []
(def active true)
(def unread-messages 0)
(set! (.-onblur js/window) (fn []
(def active false)
(if (empty? (.-value message-textarea))
(.blur message-textarea))))))
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