Future Plans

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Future Plans


  • Git commit hook
  • GitHub service hook
  • Bots for Jenkins, Nagios and Confluence
  • More clients (Commandline, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux etc)

(Regarding commandline client, something like https://github.com/sferik/t would be cool.)


  • Automatically reconnect FleetDB database
  • Search
  • Authentication/stored preferences (like hidden channels)
  • Replies/Mentions (via Channels)

Web frontend

  • Logo
  • Favicon
  • Signify mentions of the current user, visually and in the title.
  • Post messages with CTRL+Enter and Alt+Enter
  • Shorten long links/texts or wrap them (e.g. Hyphenator.js)
  • Invalidate cache upon updates
  • Gravatar avatars (Requires per-user email address)
  • Show pictures


  • Build downloadables on travis-ci.org
  • Post build notifications to public flurfunk instance on heroku
  • Post Github pushes there as well (requires some github hook, or some external polling)
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