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We are working hard on making it easier to set up Flurfunk. Currently there are two, somewhat inconvenient ways:

  • Tomcat (wars): Download the wars, rename them to exclude the version from the file-name, and copy them into a running Tomcat
  • Standalone (jars): Run both webapps with Jetty embedded

There is no release yet - we're working on that as well. But we work hard to keep the snapshots stable at all times.


The Flurfunk server stores all messages in memory per default, so they won't survive a server restart. If you want to store messages persistently, you can use a PostgreSQL or FleetDB database.


You can download pre-built releases from here (make sure you remove version number from the war-files before deploying):

See flurfunk-server-readme if you want to store messages persistently.


You build and run both the flurfunk-server and flurfunk-web to get a usable instance of flurfunk.

All the information needed to set them up is kept in the respective files of those two repositories:


The camelbot runs as a standalone process. Simply download, extract and run as described in the readme: