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Version 2.3.5 (11.06.2018)

Since V2.1.0 WPDistillery is fully compatible with Scotch Box 3.0

What is WPDistillery?

WP Distillery does all the work for you when setting up a new WordPress project with Scotch Box. Simply add your preferred theme, plugins, options etc. into config.yml and you're good to go. With WPDistillery it won't take longer than 5 minutes until you can start working on your new WordPress project. One simple command will:

  • install Scotch Box
  • install/update requirements on the local webserver
  • download/install/configure WordPress
  • set WordPress options
  • install/activate your favorite WordPress theme (default WPSeed).
  • remove default themes
  • install/activate the plugins you defined in the config
  • clean WordPress defaults (contents, plugins, unused files)

You're able to adjust which of the above tasks will be executed. Simply set the desired tasks to true/false in the "Setup Options" section at the bottom of config.yml

All you need to do after customizing your config file is vagrant up. That's it! With that one single command, WPDistillery will now ssh to the VM, update WP-CLI, install and configure everything. It also comes with an optional auto-update function and integrated support for Windows. Check out the Changelog for a complete list of changes.

For your next project, you can use your config.yml as a personal template.


WPDistillery Setup Video



To setup a new project running Scotch Box and WordPress, simply follow these steps:

  1. git clone my-project
  2. customize wpdistillery/config.yml (see configuration file documentation)
  3. in Vagrantfile, add your local URL at config.vm.hostname (This should be the same as wpsettings:url: in config.yml)
  4. Run vagrant up inside your project root

Done! You can now access your project at the local URL (for example yoursite.vm) defined in step 3. (or at

Note: Windows users may wish to vagrant plugin install vagrant-winnfsd before vagrant up for a moderate speed increase on sites with a lot of files. WPDistillery will detect WinNFSd support if needed. See Vagrant WinNFSd.

Additional Information

WPDistillery with WP-Multisite

Using this Pull Request you can add multisite capability for your project. We decided to not merge the PR to keep WPDistillery as clean as it is.

Auto Update WordPress and Plugins

If you want to automatically update WordPress and all Plugins on every vagrant up you can remove the comment character at line 26 inside the Vagrantfile.

Windows Support

Using Windows? No Problem! WPDistillery will detect if you're using Windows and if so, automatically convert all files using dos2unix.

Vagrant commands

  • vagrant up will start the machine. The first ever vagrant up in your project will also install Scotch Box and execute provisioning
  • vagrant provision will execute provisioning. This is where WPDistillery runs its core function which is installing and configuring WordPress according to config.yml. Before that, it will also update WP-CLI and set the upload size to 64MB. Normally vagrant provision should not be executed manually but can be used to re-run the WPDistillery setup in case you want to re-install WordPress.
  • vagrant reload will restart vagrant. This is required for changes made in the Vagrantfile to take effect.
  • vagrant halt will shut down the running machine.
  • vagrant destroy will destroy all the resources related to the current VM.
  • More informations can be found at


Something went wrong within the WPDistillery setup. I'd like to restart the setup:

  • fix your setting (probably in wpdistillery/config.yml or Vagrantfile)
  • remove all tables from the scotchbox database
  • remove the public folder
  • run vagrant reload --provision



  • Fork it
  • Create your feature branch
  • Commit your changes
  • Push to the branch
  • Create new Pull Request

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or need any advice.


WPDistillery is released under the MIT Public License.

Note: The "About" section in and the author (@author) notice in the file-headers shall not be edited or deleted without permission. For details, please see License.

I’m putting a lot of time into maintaining WPDistillery, so please consider donating or sharing. Thank you!