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Flurry SDK

To use FlurrySDK from cocoapods, for Analytics, Ad serving, Apple Watch Extension, and for tvOS app follow the instructions below:

To enable Flurry Analytics:

  pod 'Flurry-iOS-SDK/FlurrySDK'

To enable Flurry Ad serving :

  pod 'Flurry-iOS-SDK/FlurrySDK'
  pod 'Flurry-iOS-SDK/FlurryAds'

To use FlurrySDK for Apple Watch 1.x Extension:

target :"Your Apple Watch 1.x Extension Target" do 
   pod 'Flurry-iOS-SDK/FlurryWatchSDK'

To use FlurrySDK for Apple Watch 2.x Extension:

target :"Your Apple Watch 2.x Extension Target" do 
pod 'Flurry-iOS-SDK/FlurryWatchOSSDK'
platform :watchos, '2.0'

To use FlurrySDK for tvOS apps:

target :"Your TVOS Application" do
pod 'Flurry-iOS-SDK/FlurryTVOS' #tVOS Analytics Pod'
platform :tvos, '9.0'

Don't forget to read how to track events correctly in Apple Watch Extensions in FlurryiOSAnalyticsREADMExx.pdf