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Port of Perl 5 module Text-Tabs+Wrap
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Text-Tabs-Wrap is a port of the Perl 5 Text-Tabs+Wrap distribution to Perl 6. The API is slightly different because we have all the Perl 6 bells and whistles, but the module should behave the same (i.e. the original testcases are still used, loosely paraphrased into Perl6ish code, and should pass cleanly).

Text::Tabs provides the expand and unexpand functions, which perform the same job that the Unix expand(1) and unexpand(1) commands do: adding or removing tabs from a document.

Text::Wrap gives you wrap and fill functions. wrap will break up long lines; it doesn't join short lines together. fill reformats entire blocks of text, similar to vi's gq command.

Current status (2015-09-04)

Requires post-GLR Rakudo (>= 2015.09). There are a few known test failures marked TODO, and the code's not pretty, but it mostly works.

This code is in maintenance mode and not fun to hack on, so if you think you can do better it might be a good idea to start fresh.


Installing via Panda is recommended, the package name is "Text-Tabs-Wrap".

If you prefer to do things manually instead, run the test suite like so:

prove -e 'perl6 -I lib'


This code was originally derived from Perl 5's Text-Tabs+Wrap, the initial port to Perl 6 was done by Takadonet, and it's been maintained by flussence since then.

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