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Port of Perl 5 module Text-Tabs+Wrap
Perl6 Groff
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Text-Tabs-Wrap is a port of the Perl 5 Text-Tabs+Wrap distribution to Perl 6. The API is slightly different because we have all the Perl 6 bells and whistles, but the module should behave the same (i.e. the original testcases are still used, loosely paraphrased into Perl6ish code, and should pass cleanly).

Text::Tabs provides the expand and unexpand functions, which perform the same job that the Unix expand(1) and unexpand(1) commands do: adding or removing tabs from a document.

Text::Wrap gives you wrap and fill functions. wrap will break up long lines; it doesn't join short lines together. fill reformats entire blocks of text, similar to vi's gq command.

Current status (2014-08-02)

Has been tested on a recent Rakudo (2014.07-91-gf5d1870277b9) running on MoarVM, with a few known test failures marked as TODO.

This code is in maintenance mode and not fun to hack on, so if you think you can do better it might be a good idea to start fresh.


Installing via Panda is recommended, the package name is "Text-Tabs-Wrap".

If you prefer to do things manually instead, run the test suite like so:

prove -e 'perl6 -I lib'


This code was originally derived from Perl 5's Text-Tabs+Wrap, the initial port to Perl 6 was done by Takadonet, and it's been maintained by flussence since then.

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