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Perl 6 bindings to libxmmsclient
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XMMS2 bindings for Rakudo Perl 6

This is a command line tool for XMMS2, initially meant as as a neat demo of NativeCall code (which is now part of Rakudo). Heavily inspired by tadzik’s perl6-MPD.

A CLI program is included that does play, pause, stop, and current track number.

Note that XMMS2 upstream appears to be dead, the last release was several years ago and I haven’t successfully compiled it on a modern system for almost as long, so this code is likewise abandoned.

Known Bugs

This tries to use the not-fully-specced and not-at-all-implemented DESTROY() method to call the native resource-freeing functions. In theory using this code in long-running programs will eat all your memory, though you’d have to work pretty hard to make that happen in the first place.

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