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All source code in this repository except files listed belows has copyright of Erlyvideo LLC and is distributed under MIT license.
You can use it for commercial or non-commercial purpose without any warranty. Do not come to us if this code injures anybody,
blow a reactor, crashes a plane or do some any harm: this is AS IS.
Following files are distributed under EPL (erlang public license):
Thanks a lot to Manuel Rubio <> for writing initial implementation of MySQL protocol and remember,
that his code is also distributed AS IS + it is EPL, so do not close this source.
Take a look at his code at It is under LGPL there but we have took it when it was under EPL.
Also this repository has code distributed by MIT from third party:
src/sql92_parser.yrl (and generated from it src/sql92_parser.erl)
src/sql92_scan.xrl (and generated from it src/sql92_scan.erl)
Many thanks to Oleg Smirnov <> and his work for this
fast and convenient SQL parser