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flutter-view counter


This is a flutter-view version of the Flutter starter project.

It uses the reactive tag and the flutter-view-tools library for responding and updating the count.

Instead of having the counter state in the widgets, it is kept in the application model, and the HomePage flutter-view listenes to the model and updates itself when the user presses the + button.

The most important files are:

  • app-model.dart : the application model, that receives button events from the view, updates the count, and notifies any listeners (in this case, the homepage)
  • homepage.pug : creates homepage that shows the count and the + button
  • homepage.sass : adds styling to the homepage
  • homepage.dart : the Dart code generated automatically from the above two files
  • main.dart : sets up the app and the app-model, then starts with the homepage, passing the model to it

Getting Started

For help getting started with Flutter, view the online Flutter documentation.

For help using Flutter-View, check the online flutter-view documentation.