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Flutter Plugin for IntelliJ

An IntelliJ plugin for Flutter development. For documentation, see

Build Status

Getting started

See for instructions about installing the Flutter SDK, configuring your machine for Flutter development, and installing and configuring the IntelliJ plugins.


A very brief summary of the getting started guide linked from above:

  • install the Flutter SDK (see; run flutter doctor from the command line to verify your installation
  • ensure you have a supported IntelliJ development environment (IntelliJ 2016.2+, Ultimate or Community)
  • open the plugin preferences (Preferences>Plugins on macOS, File>Settings>Plugins on Linux, select "Browse repositories…")
  • search for and install the 'Dart' plugin; search for and install the 'Flutter' plugin
  • choose the option to restart IntelliJ
  • configure the Flutter SDK setting (Preferences on macOS, File>Settings on Linux, select Languages & Frameworks>Flutter, and set the path to the root of your flutter repo)

Known issues

Please note the following known issues:

  • #316: Opening existing flutter projects with the plugin can lead to confusing messages if you do not install the 'Flutter' plugin first (see setup).

  • #305: When stopped during a debugging session, you are free to make edits to the source code, and you can even push those changes to the target with hot reload. However, note that currently we do not update the breakpoints on the target if these move as a result of the edit, and they may thus get out of sync.