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webview_flutter 2021H2 Candidates

Updated Jul 19, 2021

Items to consider for second half of 2021.

Engine - SPIRV FragmentShader API

Updated Jun 24, 2021

Enabling fragment shader support in the engine

This project will track the work related to splitting the engine recipes as builder/tester/orchestrator.

iOS Platforms - text review

Updated Jun 8, 2021

Typography and text input engineering review

iOS Platform - tool support review

Updated Jun 8, 2021

iOS Platform tool support engineering review

No description

Engineering review of first party iOS plugin and package support

iOS Platform - user testing review

Updated Jun 17, 2021

Engineering review of issues that impact users testing their Flutter code. Includes integration_test.

Engineering review of tool plugin and package support

iOS Platform - Add-to-app review

Updated Jun 8, 2021

Add-to-app engineering review

iOS Platform - team support review

Updated Jun 23, 2021

Team support engineering review

iOS Platform - localization & intl

Updated Jun 8, 2021

Localization and internationalization engineering review

iOS Platform - accessibility review

Updated Jul 29, 2021

Accessibility engineering review

iOS Platform - documentation review

Updated Jul 22, 2021

Documentation engineering review

Plugin 2021Q2 Hotlist

Updated Jul 9, 2021

No description

auto-submit bot

Updated Jul 30, 2021

Project tracking blocking issues and nice to have functionality required to enable the auto-submit button in all the flutter repos.

plugin_tools: auto-publish

Updated Jun 30, 2021

automatically publish changes in the flutter/plugin repo.

CanvasKit Text

Updated Jun 28, 2021

This project aims to significantly improve text rendered using CanvasKit, which includes:

  • Fonts: loading, fallback, glyph coverage, font features
  • Locales: locale-specific glyphs
  • Text/paragraph styles

This project does not include text input (see for that).

Android Edge to Edge

Updated Apr 27, 2021

Bringing the Edge to Edge experience to Flutter on Android

Build/Test reliability on LUCI

Updated May 20, 2021

Bugs tracking reliability issues and/or flakes on builds and tests running on LUCI

Early-onset jank

Updated Jul 17, 2021

This project collects together issues relating to stuttering seen in animations the first time they run, and the debugging thereof.


Updated Feb 11, 2021

Features and issues related to development and deployment of Progressive Web Apps (app manifest, service worker, installed web apps).

Linux Next

Updated Jul 30, 2021

High priority issues for the next major Linux release after Beta

macOS Next

Updated Jul 30, 2021

High priority issues for the next major macOS release after Beta

Windows Next

Updated Jul 30, 2021

High priority issues for the next major Windows release after Beta

Windows UWP Alpha

Updated Jul 23, 2021

Alpha release of a UWP Windows embedding

Desktop Arm64 Support

Updated Nov 4, 2020

Tooling support for arm64 ( aarch64 ) desktop builds.

CanvasKit issues

Updated Jul 17, 2021

CanvasKit P3 Issues

[plugins] nnbd migration

Updated Oct 21, 2020

Tracks all the remaining issues for nnbd migration in the flutter/plugins repo.

Flutter Infra Doc Fixit 2020!

Updated Nov 18, 2020

No description