Latest commit b2a2ee7 Jan 19, 2017 @abarth abarth committed with abarth Migrate from Input to TextField
We expect TextField to be used much more often than Input. This patch updates
our old example code to use TextField instead.

See #7031

Flutter Examples

This directory contains several examples of using Flutter. Each of these is an individual Dart application package.

To run an example, use flutter run inside that example's directory. See the getting started guide to install the flutter tool.

Tip: To see examples of how to use a specific Flutter framework class, copy and paste a URL with this format in your browser. Replace foo with the classname you are searching for (for example, here's the query for examples of the AppBar class).

Available examples include:

  • Hello, world The hello world app is a basic app that shows the text "hello, world."

  • Flutter gallery The flutter gallery app showcases Flutter's implementation of material design.

  • Layers The layers vignettes show how to use the various layers in the Flutter framework. There is no main.dart in this directory because each file is a standalone example. To run a particular file, use flutter run -t filename.dart.