dnfield Re-reland Xcode backend refactor (#23762)
* Use Xcode build configurations to drive Flutter build mode

* Proper check wrt local_engine, print error if profile mode misisng

* Remove unused code, update tests, fix template problem, update warning

* fix up warning

* add explanatory dev comment

* fix whitespace

* missing words, change lambda arrow to function body

* error indentation

* Test early exits for xcode_backend.sh

* only on macOS, use right test

* Update error messages

* case insensitive compare for build config

* Update gallery podfile

* update projects to add profile configuration

* make compatible with flavors

* add missing plist files

* add FLUTTER_FRAMEWORK_DIR back, set swift version for profile, tell Podfile about profile
Latest commit fd6b2e1 Nov 1, 2018


Example of switching between full-screen Flutter and Platform View

This project demonstrates how to bring up a full-screen iOS/Android view from a full-screen Flutter view along with passing data back and forth between the two.

On iOS we use a CocoaPods dependency to add a Material Design button, and so pod install needs to be invoked in the ios/ folder before flutter run:

pushd ios/ ; pod install ; popd
flutter run