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Several of our dependencies are automatically rolled (updated) by bots.

Skia to Engine

We use an auto-roller for Skia rolls. It's status can be viewed at In case of build failures or other errors, ping the Flutter-Skia chat channel. In case you get no response, you can login with an account and pause the roller (or ask someone with an account to do so). Please specify a descriptive reason and file a bug to re-enable the rollers as soon as possible.

The bot updates the skia_revision line of

Skia also uses an auto-roller for Fuchsia; see

Engine to Framework

The engine is automatically rolled to the framework.

The bot updates to point to the latest revision of the engine whose artifacts built successfully, as determined by looking at the Engine Console.

If you make a breaking change to the engine, you'll need to land the change to engine.version manually in the same PR to the framework as the one where you fix the framework to work with the new API. In general, it is very advisable to not make a breaking change to our APIs, and thus avoid this problem entirely.

When you change the engine.version file locally, you should delete $FLUTTER_ROOT/bin/cache and then run flutter precache to ensure that all your local artifacts and snapshots are updated. You can then run tests and be sure that they are running against the latest version of the assets you need.

You may find it helpful to use the $ENGINE_ROOT/src/flutter/tools/ to create a PR description. Doing this helps us track down what commits have rolled in more quickly, and properly link to other commits and pull requests for commenting and tracking.

For example, to generate a description from hash deadbeef to beefdead:

$ ./tools/ deadbeef..beefdead

Dart to Engine

The Dart SDK is automatically rolled into the engine on a regular basis, following the steps laid out at the Rolling Dart page. Since this process is a bit more involved, this autoroller does not use the Skia infrastructure and has a custom dashboard hosted at go/dart-sdk-roller-dashboard (note: this is likely only accessible from a machine on the Google network). Using the dashboard, the autoroller can be paused, rolls can be triggered and cancelled, and rolls to a particular revision can be done.

If there are any issues with this process or the autoroller dashboard, contact bkonyi@ or a member of the Dart VM team.

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