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Linting Flutter apps for Chrome OS

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Linting for Flutter apps for Chrome OS

Note: this feature is not yet available in the Flutter stable channel.

What is it?

Flutter tooling will soon include a new set of lint rules to catch violations of Chrome OS best practice guidelines for Android and Flutter apps.

What does it do?

In your IDE or when running flutter analyze at the command line, you'll see lints if your Flutter app would have issues targeting Chrome OS.

For what version of Flutter?

Currently, you'll need to be on the tip-of-tree of Flutter to try this out. This will likely graduate shortly to the dev channel, and later, to beta and stable.

flutter channel master && flutter upgrade

How do I enable this?

To turn this on for your Flutter app, create an file named analysis_options.yaml in the root of your Flutter project. The contents should look similar to this:

include: package:flutter/analysis_options_user.yaml


The warnings will show in the Dart Analysis view in IntelliJ and Android Studio or the Problems view in VS Code.

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