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State of Catalina Support

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Currently all known issues with using Flutter on macOS Catalina Beta have been resolved and are set to be released in the next stable release. If you are currently using macOS Catalina and experience some of the following known issues, it is recommended to switch the Dev channel (flutter channel dev). If you are experiencing an issue not listed below that regressed with macOS Catalina, please file a new issue with "Catalina" in the title.

Resolved Issues

  1. [Xcode] Cannot build 32-bit APK on XCode >= 10 flutter #36114 Dart #36839. Fixed in flutter #37445 v1.8.4.
  2. Cocoapod path broken by upgrading system ruby version #36786 User intervention required to manually reinstall cocoapods via sudo gem install cocoapods, flutter doctor copy was updated to reflect this in flutter #38560.
  3. [Xcode] For each flutter app that I tried to run on an iOS device, I had to add my signing certificate in XCode #36788. Fixed in flutter #37733 v1.9.0.
  4. Gatekeeper preventing “kernel-service.dart.snapshot” from executing #36714. Fixed Dart ec2d06d4 and by signing & notarizing binaries as of v1.9.1. Note: currently only published versions are signed & notarized as the CI process is updated. Soon every commit on master should be signed & notarized.

Old Wiki

Members of the Flutter team are working to bring full macOS Catalina support to Flutter. Work is being track on the GitHub project Flutter on macOS Catalina Support. In the mean time, we know that some of you have wanted to use the macOS Catalina betas with Flutter. Here’s christopherfujino’s step-by-step diary of what he’s experienced getting it working, which is helping inform the team’s work as to what’s necessary.

OS Setup

  1. This was on a new Mac Mini, right from the Apple Store
  2. Upgraded OS to Catalina preview, via
  3. On macOS Catalina v10.15 Beta (19A512f), XCode Beta 11.0
  4. Using iterm2


  1. Downloaded stable flutter sdk from, v1.7.8+hotfix.3
  2. OS X prompts if iterm2 should be allowed access to $HOME/Downloads
  3. When I enter the command flutter/bin/flutter doctor, OS X says “dart” can’t be opened because it was not downloaded from the App Store
    1. After going to Settings -> Security & Privacy -> Open Anyway, I get another dialog: dart is a Unix app downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?
    2. On clicking “open”, a new “Terminal” window was opened, and then it executes just dart, without any arguments, and then the terminal session exits.
  4. When I re-issue the same command, “flutter/bin/flutter doctor”, this time the actual flutter tool is run, however a new dialog is opened: “kernel-service.dart.snapshot” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. 3. When I go to Settings -> Security & Privacy -> Open Anyway, nothing happens. The text next to the button says: kernel-service.dart.snapshot was blocked from opening because it is not from an identified developer. Re-running the command results in no change.
  5. Trying to switch channels failed with:
flutter@macN1 flutter % bin/flutter channel master
Switching to flutter channel 'master'...
../../third_party/dart/runtime/bin/ 149: error: Failed to memory map snapshot: /Users/flutter/flutter/bin/cache/dart-sdk/bin/snapshots/kernel-service.dart.snapshot version=2.4.0 (Wed Jun 19 11:53:45 2019 +0200) on "macos_x64"
thread=5891, isolate=(null)(0x0)
 pc 0x000000010bd945d5 fp 0x0000700006ee7c40 dart::Profiler::DumpStackTrace(void*)
 pc 0x000000010badfdc2 fp 0x0000700006ee7d20 dart::Assert::Fail(char const*, ...)
 pc 0x000000010bac2dfb fp 0x0000700006ee7dd0 dart::bin::Snapshot::TryReadAppSnapshot(char const*)
 pc 0x000000010bac7eea fp 0x0000700006ee7e50 dart::bin::CreateIsolateAndSetup(char const*, char const*, char const*, char const*, Dart_IsolateFlags*, void*, char**)
 pc 0x000000010bcdba48 fp 0x0000700006ee7f00 dart::RunKernelTask::Run()
 pc 0x000000010be36a0d fp 0x0000700006ee7f30 dart::ThreadPool::Worker::Loop()
 pc 0x000000010be36880 fp 0x0000700006ee7f70 dart::ThreadPool::Worker::Main(unsigned long)
 pc 0x000000010bd90fc1 fp 0x0000700006ee7fb0 dart::ThreadStart(void*)
 pc 0x00007fff73470cce fp 0x0000700006ee7fd0 _pthread_start
 pc 0x00007fff7346d72b fp 0x0000700006ee7ff0 thread_start
-- End of DumpStackTrace
bin/flutter: line 183:  8210 Abort trap: 6           "$DART" --packages="$FLUTTER_TOOLS_DIR/.packages" $FLUTTER_TOOL_ARGS "$SNAPSHOT_PATH" "$@"
  1. Following this article and this comment, I disabled Gatekeeper globally, so that binaries can execute without being signed. Now flutter doctor no longer throws the dialog about “kernel-service.dart.snapshot” being unsigned. I was also able to successfully switch channels to master. Issue
  2. Under “flutter doctor” (FlutterValidator), “Downloaded executables cannot execute on host”. Issue
  3. We will have to update website documentation on updating path to reflect that Catalina will default to zsh. I updated my path in $HOME/.zshrc. Issue
  4. I don’t know how to install xcode. Tried the app store, I’m getting weird hits, including tutorials and xcode plugins, but I don’t see an actual xcode it turns out the App Store version of Xcode doesn’t support Catalina. I needed to install the beta version from
  5. Even after installing the Xcode beta, flutter doctor can’t detect it. The instructions “sudo xcode-select --switch /Applications/” don’t work because xcode isn’t at that location. Fixed: .app file was in $HOME/Downloads/
  6. Cocoapods not detected, looks like this issue. Fixed with “sudo gem install -n /usr/local/bin cocoapods”. Ran “pod setup” and cocoapods support detected. Issue
  7. With ios 13 simulator, issued “flutter run”, it worked.
  8. Attempted to run on ipod touch in debug:
    1. No valid code signing certs
    2. Following instructions, “open ios/Runner.xcworkspace” -> Xcode
    3. In Xcode 11.0 beta 4, the signing interface is no longer under “General”, but in its own category, “Signing & Capabilities” Issue
    4. Re-running “flutter run”, hit this issue, however it doesn’t seem Catalina-dependent. “Flutter clean” fixed it.
  9. It seems like for each new Flutter app to be run on an iOS device, the cert needs to be added in Xcode. Issue
  10. Attempted to run on ipod touch in release:
    1. Successful
  11. Downloaded Android Studio/SDK
    1. Intel HAXM installer was blocked by Gatekeeper
    2. “Flutter run” successful on emulator
  12. Attempting to run on LG G7 ThinQ in debug:
    1. Successful
  13. Attempting to run on LG G7 ThinQ in release:
    1. Successful
  14. Run devicelab integration_ui_ios.dart test, passes
  15. Build APK
    1. Failure Issue


  1. Official Apple Preview Website
  2. All Github Catalina Issues
  3. Article on security changes
  4. Analytics on "run" usage of Catalina users vs total

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