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Updating Material Design Fonts

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(This page is referenced by comments in the Flutter codebase.)

This page describes the process for updating the material design icons:

  1. Use git to clone (Google-only, sorry) and
  2. Create a file to upload to Google Storage:
    mkdir $STAGING
    cp material-design-icons/iconfont/{MaterialIcons-Regular.ttf,codepoints} $STAGING
    cp material-design-icons/LICENSE $STAGING/MaterialIcons_LICENSE
    cp fonts/apache/roboto/*.ttf $STAGING
    cp fonts/apache/roboto/LICENSE.txt $STAGING/Roboto_LICENSE.txt
    cp fonts/apache/robotocondensed/*.ttf $STAGING
    cp fonts/apache/robotocondensed/LICENSE.txt $STAGING/RobotoCondensed_LICENSE.txt
    zip -j $STAGING/*
  1. Upload to Google Storage:
  2. Determine the sha1sum of By convention, we store the fonts at a location based on the sha1sum of the file, which you can determine as follows: sha1sum
  3. gsutil cp gs://flutter_infra/flutter/fonts/<sha1>/
  4. Update flutter.git to refer to the new fonts:
  5. Update bin/internal/material_fonts.version to reference the location of the new
  6. Run dev/tools/update_icons.dart to update packages/flutter/lib/src/material/icons.dart to reference the code point for any new icons. The codepoints file that you included in describes the code points that exist in that version of the font.

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