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postmortem template

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Flutter postmortem: {Incident Title}

Status: {draft|final}
Owners: {who drove the incident resolution}


Description: {brief description of symptoms and root cause}
Component: {affected area}
Date/time: {YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM}
Duration: {time from initial breakage to final resolution}
User impact: {who was affected by the incident}

Timeline (all times in PST/PDT)


14:44 - something happened
14:45 - next thing happened <START OF OUTAGE>


09:12 - another thing happened <END OF OUTAGE>


{summarize the problems that the outage caused}

Root causes

{without blame, describe the root cause of the outage}

Lessons learned

What worked

{list things where things worked as expected in a positive manner}

Where we got lucky

{list things that mitigated this incident but not because of our foresight}

What didn't work

{list things that failed, with github issues from the action items section}

Action items

{each item here should have an owner}


{link to github issues for things that would have prevented this failure from happening in the first place, such as input validation, pinning dependencies, etc}


{link to github issues for things that would have detected this failure before it became An Incident, such as better testing, monitoring, etc}


{link to github issues for things that would have made this failure less serious, such as graceful degradation, better exception handling, etc}


{link to github issues for things that would have helped us resolve this failure faster, such as documented processes and protocols, etc}


{link to github issues or PRs/commits for the actual fixes that were necessary to resolve this incident}


{any other useful information, such as relevant chat logs}

Flutter Wiki


Framework repo

Engine repo


Experimental features

Release Notes

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