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mklim Migrate independent plugins to AndroidX (#1103)
The original Android support libraries have been deprecated in favor of
AndroidX. This migration shouldn't affect behavior in a user noticeable
way, but does require plugin users to also migrate their app. See
[migrating to AndroidX](

Migrates all of our plugins without pub interdepencies to use the new
AndroidX support libraries. At least one followup PR will be required to
update the remaining plugins that depend on these after this is pushed
to pub.

- android_intent
- battery
- connectivity
- device_info
- firebase_auth
- firebase_core
- google_maps_flutter
- google_sign_in
- image_picker
- in_app_purchase
- local_auth
- location_background
- package_info
- path_provider
- quick_actions
- sensors
- share
- shared_preferences
- url_launcher
- video_player
- webview_flutter
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Demonstrates how to use the google_maps_flutter plugin.

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