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A curated list of samples

Contained in this list are sample apps, demos, and examples that can help you grow your Flutter skills. Some are maintained here by the Flutter team, but many have been created by the Flutter community and are kept in other repos in and out of GitHub.

This is not an exhaustive list of samples, and just because because a project isn't listed here doesn't mean that it's not worth exploring. Similarly, while the Flutter team works to keep this list up to date, there are plenty of others created by the community, such as Awesome Flutter from @Solido.

How-to Collections

Flutter Examples GitHub stars GitHub forks

A collection of single-topic examples from Nishant Srivastava. These include everything from gradients to JSON to routing and more.

Flutter Example Apps GitHub stars GitHub forks

Several dozen examples from Flutter GDE Pawan Kumar. These cover state management, Firebase, UI design, and many other topics. Each one comes with a YouTube video showing implementation.

Flutter by Example GitHub stars GitHub forks

Twenty-odd samples detailing common tasks with Flutter: how to use text fields, streams and StreamBuilders, and more.

Architecture / networking / backend

Flutter Architectural Samples GitHub stars GitHub forks

Brian Egan's implementations of TodoMVC using a variety of state management and architectural approaches. If you'd like to see how an app built with flutter-redux is different from one using BLoC, this is a great place to start.

jsonexample (Flutter team)

A simple app showing three different approaches to deserializing JSON: hand-written constructors, json_serializable, and built_value.


Flutter UI Kit GitHub stars GitHub forks

Another sample from Flutter GDE Pawan Kumar, this repo includes a variety of polished UI examples.

Flutter Challenges

More a GitHub search result than a single repo, Matt Carroll's Flutter UI challenges showcase some amazing designs powered by Flutter. Make sure to check the accompanying YouTube video so you can watch Matt implement them.

Full apps

inKino GitHub stars GitHub forks

An unofficial Finnkino client that shows movie details and showtimes for movies in Finland. It's currently available in both the App Store and Play Store.

FlutterFlip GitHub stars GitHub forks

A simple reversi clone built with Flutter. It showcases some implicit animations and how to move work off the UI thread into an isolate.


Shrine (Flutter team)

The Shrine demo app from the Flutter team. It's designed to showcase how apps can put their own spin on the Material Design components and how to use ScopedModel to maintain app state across screens.

Flutter Gallery (Flutter team)

The official Flutter Gallery. There's tons of stuff in here. Just tons.