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Animation Samples

Sample apps that showcasing Flutter's animation features


  • Demonstrate the building blocks for animations and how they work together
  • Provide samples for common patterns and use-cases



Building blocks and patterns

  1. AnimatedContainerDemo Demonstrates how to use AnimatedContainer
  2. PageRouteBuilderDemo Demonstrates how to use Tween and Animation to *build a custom page route transition.
  3. AnimationControllerDemo Demonstrates how to use an AnimationController.
  4. TweenDemo Demonstrates how to use a Tween with an AnimationController.
  5. AnimatedBuilderDemo Demonstrates how to use an AnimatedBuilder with an AnimationController.
  6. CustomTweenDemo Demonstrates how to extend Tween.
  7. TweenSequenceDemo Demonstrates how to use TweenSequence to build a button that changes between different colors.


Other uses-cases and examples

  • RepeatingAnimationDemo Demonstrates how to repeat an animation.
  • ExpandCardDemo Demonstrates how to use AnimatedCrossFade to fade between two widgets and change the size.
  • CarouselDemo Demonstrates how to use PageView with a custom animation.
  • FocusImageDemo Demonstrates how to measure the size of a widget and expand it using a PageRouteBuilder.
  • PhysicsCardDragDemo Demonstrates how to run an AnimationController with a spring simulation.
  • CardSwipeDemo A swipeable card that demonstrates how to use gesture detection to drive an animation.

Other Resources

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