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Chrome OS Best Practices

A Flutter sample app that builds upon the Friendlychat codelab to show how to build a responsive app that works well on Chrome OS

Goals for this sample

  • Showcase how to build an app that works well on Chrome OS including:
    • Changing layouts on screen size and handling resizing well
    • Keyboard navigation support (coming soon!)
    • Deeper mouse/trackpad support: Right click support etc... (coming soon!)

The important bits


As of now, the main thing to look at is the main build method where we use layout builder to determine which layouts to build

body: LayoutBuilder(
        builder: (context, constraints) {
          final double width = constraints.maxWidth;
          debugPrint('width: $width');
          if (constraints.maxWidth > 800)
            return TwoPaneChatLayout(chatEntries: chats);
            return ChatListScreen(chatEntries: chats);


If you have a general question about building for Chrome OS in Flutter, the best places to go are:

If you run into an issue with the sample itself, please file an issue in the main Flutter repo.

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