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A sample shopping app that uses Material Component widgets in its UI and scoped_model to manage the state of its shopping cart.


  • Show how to customize Flutter's Material Component widgets to produce a unique design for an app.
  • Show how to use scoped_model to manage an app's state and access it across different routes and in different widgets.

This is a modified version of the app featured in Flutter's Material codelabs.

The important bits


The model object representing the state of the app. It holds the available products as well as what's in the shopping cart.


A bunch of widgets that customize Material to produce the look and feel of the app.


The shopping cart widgets. They access the app state model via ScopedModelDescendant, display the contents of the shopping cart, and allow the user to edit them.


If you have a general question about any of the techniques you see in the sample, the best places to go are:

If you run into an issue with the sample itself, please file an issue in the main Flutter repo.

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