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chalin Move src/_includes/code samples into examples (#2334)
* Drop unused includelines plugin

* Move sample code out of Jekyll _includes folder into examples

* Add README to warn about incompleteness of samples

* Rename app folder to avoid Flutter error

Rename 'intl' to 'intl_example' to avoid the following error:

> Invalid project name: 'intl' - this will conflict with Flutter package dependencies.

* intl_example: put main.dart and l10n folder under lib where it belongs

* intl_example: add README and basic test

* intl_example: drop test

* tool/ support --filter and --no-test

* Move example main.dart under lib

* Fix in page links to GH example sources

* Adjust test condition
Latest commit fee062d Feb 2, 2019

Flutter example apps

To analyze, test and run individual apps, execute the following commands from the repo root ($PROJECT represents the app project path, such as examples/layout/lakes/step6):

  1. flutter create --no-overwrite $PROJECT
  2. cd $PROJECT
  3. flutter analyze
  4. flutter test
  5. flutter run

To learn more about setting up Flutter and running apps, see