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import 'dart:async';
import 'package:dio/dio.dart';
/// If the request data is a `List` type, the [DefaultTransformer] will send data
/// by calling its `toString()` method. However, normally the List object is
/// not expected for request data( mostly need Map ). So we provide a custom
/// [Transformer] that will throw error when request data is a `List` type.
class MyTransformer extends DefaultTransformer {
Future<String> transformRequest(RequestOptions options) async {
if ( is List<String>) {
throw new DioError(message: "Can't send List to sever directly");
} else {
return super.transformRequest(options);
/// The [Options] doesn't contain the cookie info. we add the cookie
/// info to [Options.extra], and you can retrieve it in [ResponseInterceptor]
/// and [Response] with `response.request.extra["cookies"]`.
Future transformResponse(
RequestOptions options, ResponseBody response) async {
options.extra["self"] = 'XX';
return super.transformResponse(options, response);
main() async {
var dio = new Dio();
// Use custom Transformer
dio.transformer = new MyTransformer();
Response response = await dio.get("");
try {
await"", data: ["1", "2"]);
} catch (e) {
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