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Unfortunately due to hosting and maintenance costs we've had to close

If you would like to see the archive of doodles, you can do so at fluuuid/ which has instructions on how to run the site with the doodle archive too. logo

\\ A curated showcase of creative coding sketches \\

site \ chrome extension \ twitter

What is this? is community-based collection of code experiments created with web technologies. The aim of these doodles is to exhibit interactive, engaging visual web experiments which only require a short attention span.

This means no loading bars, no GUI, no 5MB 3D models or media files, no page of instructional text, just plain and simple doodles with code.

The site at houses all of the doodles in one place, and installing the chrome extension will show a new doodle every time you open a new tab.

How to contribute

The sketches on are 100% community-sourced. The submission / review / approval process is handled entirely in the open on GitHub - fork this repo, create a doodle, submit pull request, the reviewers will then feedback / approve and merge in to the repo.

See this guide for comprehensive details on the contribution process.

Doodle criteria

The purpose of is a little different to the other code-showcasing sites out there - we want to quick-to-load, quick-to-enjoy experiments, which are united through a consistent user interface. In order to maintain consistency with regards to user expectations, visual UI, and doodle performance, we have laid out some basic entry criteria for each doodle.

See this guide for full specification of doodle criteria.


This is very much a first iteration, we wanted to get something basic released as soon as possible, and are hoping that there will be sufficient interest / engagement from the creative coding community to warrant the future development of more intricate features and functionality, some ideas include:

See full roadmap here.


This project is a FLUUUID production - but we just created the infrastructure to allow this to happen, the real thanks goes to the digital artists who have contributed doodles:

Edan Kwan (tw, gh) \ Jon Andersson (tw, gh) \ Pablo Cabana (tw, gh) \ Damien Seguin (tw, gh) \ Anders Hoff (tw, gh) \ Rauri Rochford (tw, gh) \ Fred Briolet (tw, gh) \ Nicolas Barradeau (tw, gh) \ André Venâncio (tw, gh) \ Mat Groves (tw, gh) \ Tim Holman (tw, gh) \ Samsy (tw, gh) \ Sterling Crispin (tw, gh) \ Florian Morel (tw, gh) \ Damien Mortini (tw, gh) \ Justin Windle (tw, gh) \ Silvio Paganini (tw, gh) \ Gwen Vanhee (tw, gh) \ Diego Montoya (tw, gh) \ Jay Weeks (tw, gh) \ zadvorsky (tw, gh) \ Neil Carpenter (tw, gh) \ Manny Tan (tw, gh) \ Yi-Wen Lin (tw, gh) \ cabbibo (tw, gh) \ Robin Delaporte (tw, gh) \ Bruno Imbrizi (tw, gh) \ Jérémie Boulay (tw, gh) \ Thomas Hooper (tw, gh) \ Georgiana Blantin (tw, gh) \ Xiaohan Zhang (tw, gh) \ Fábio Azevedo (tw, gh) \ William Mapan (tw, gh) \ Karol Stopyra (tw, gh) \ Taylor Baldwin (tw, gh) \ grgrdvrt (tw, gh) \ David Paul Rosser (tw, gh) \ Godart Raets (tw, gh) \ Felix Woitzel (tw, gh)


A curated showcase of creative coding sketches




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