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kvs: do not store NUL byte on json encoded strings in kvs server #1263

merged 2 commits into from Oct 29, 2017
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Just for now


modules/kvs: Do not store NUL byte

Do not store NUL byte in content store for any json encoded strings.

Update several unit tests appropriately.
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chu11 committed Oct 27, 2017
commit c897c380beabaf1f8ca93fe99e75da1afecdc08b
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@@ -190,7 +190,7 @@ json_t *cache_entry_get_json (struct cache_entry *hp)
if (!hp || !hp->valid || !hp->data)
return NULL;
if (!hp->o) {
if (!(hp->o = json_loads (hp->data, JSON_DECODE_ANY, NULL)))
if (!(hp->o = json_loadb (hp->data, hp->len, JSON_DECODE_ANY, NULL)))
return NULL;
return hp->o;
@@ -218,7 +218,7 @@ int cache_entry_set_json (struct cache_entry *hp, json_t *o)
if (!(hp->data = kvs_util_json_dumps (o)))
return -1;

hp->len = strlen (hp->data) + 1;
hp->len = strlen (hp->data);
hp->o = o;
hp->valid = true;

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@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ int kvs_util_json_hash (const char *hash_name, json_t *o, href_t ref)

if (!(s = kvs_util_json_dumps (o)))
goto error;
if (blobref_hash (hash_name, (uint8_t *)s, strlen (s) + 1,
if (blobref_hash (hash_name, (uint8_t *)s, strlen (s),
ref, sizeof (href_t)) < 0)
goto error;
rc = 0;
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@@ -298,7 +298,7 @@ void cache_entry_raw_and_json_tests (void)

ok ((e = cache_entry_create ()) != NULL,
"cache_entry_create works");
ok (cache_entry_set_raw (e, data, strlen (data) + 1) == 0,
ok (cache_entry_set_raw (e, data, strlen (data)) == 0,
"cache_entry_set_raw success");
ok ((otmp = cache_entry_get_json (e)) != NULL,
"cache_entry_get_json returns non-NULL for json-legal raw data");
@@ -319,7 +319,7 @@ void cache_entry_raw_and_json_tests (void)
"cache_entry_get_raw returns success for get json raw data");
ok (datatmp && strcmp (datatmp, "\"abcd\"") == 0,
"raw data matches expected string version of json");
ok (datatmp && (len == strlen ("\"abcd\"") + 1),
ok (datatmp && (len == strlen ("\"abcd\"")),
"raw data length matches expected length of json string");
cache_entry_destroy (e);
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